Metal Roofing

Upgrade the Roof on Your Business Right Away

Trust us to install new metal roof panels on your building in Bloomington, Mattoon, Decatur or Champaign, IL

If you want to protect your roof and add value to your building in the process, you should look into metal roofing systems. Sunset Roofing Systems provides metal roofing services for commercial clients in Bloomington, Mattoon, Decatur, Champaign, IL and the surrounding areas.

Metal roofing is highly reflective, making it extremely energy-efficient. Plus, metal roof panels eliminate the need for roofing tear-offs. Our team can always recoat your metal roof rather than replace parts of it.

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Keep your roof protected and looking great

Metal roofing systems can dramatically increase the value and energy-efficiency of your building. You can be confident your roof will last when you choose Sunset Roofing Systems because:

We use high-quality coatings to ensure complete waterproofing and prevent rust, keeping your metal roof panels in top condition.

We reinforce the seams with fabric embedded into the acrylic elastomeric roof coating.

Exposed fasteners are sealed from the elements with premium caulking agents.